Thursday, March 26, 2009

White Trash-revamped

If you guys haven't noticed yet, I LOVE homemade candy. Cakes,, they're ok and all, but candy is where it's at! I'm sure all of you have had white trash before so I decided to vamp up the recipe a little bit. I added peanut butter (of course I would right?) to the white chocolate in addition to Cadburry mini chocolate eggs. This stuff is amazing...really really really good. It is, however, kind of rich and after a few bites you've had enough.

The other great thing about this is that you don't have to use the stove or oven AND you just dump everything into one bowl. Instead of writing a paper, I made this and am watching Grey's Anatomy...I know I know, it's trashy at times--just let me have my guilty pleasure. Besides, when you're wanting to procrastinate school, anything sounds good other than the actual work itself. 

There is a little bit of justification to not doing school too. The Memphis Tigers (my school!!) play tonight so I of course have to watch and support. They are going all the way to #1 this year I feel it. Last year #2 was an ok spot, but I feel it...#1 here we come!

2 cups Cheerios
1 1/2 cups peanuts
2 cups pretzel sticks, broken
2 cups Chex cereal (I just realized I forgot to add these :()
1 1/2 cups M & M's
1 bag Cadburry Mini Chocolate Eggs
1 package of white chocolate chips (around 16 oz.)
3/4 cup peanut butter

Put all the ingredients except the white chocolate and peanut butter in a large bowl. Melt the white chocolate and peanut butter in a microwavable bowl (about 2 min.) until smooth and creamy. Pour over mixture and mix together, coating the dry ingredients evenly.  
Put wax paper on the counter and pour mixture on top, spreading in a thin layer. Let set and break into clumps. Store in an airtight container or plastic bag.


lesley said...

That sounds a lot more fun that writing a paper!

Sara said...

I LOVE those cadbury mini eggs, creme eggs too. I have never seen this before, I must try it.

ttfn300 said...

hehe, loved white trash as a kid :) and great addition with cadbury!

Maria said...

Looks like a fun treat to me!

Elyse said...

MMM, I've never had white trash--just puppy chow. But this sounds totally delish, and I love that you added peanut butter. I hear you on the procrastination front. I just turned in a note for law review and was up until way late last night editing my 200 footnotes (why do lawyers expect you to cite almost every sentence?). Anyway, I'm all about trashy TV and good food to keep you company. This stuff looks awesome!! Good luck with all your school work, and goooo HEELS!

Culinary Wannabe said...

My mom makes this and also calls it White Trash! She send hoards of it to my husband's office and I always tell him to call it something else because it is so not politically correct. This stuff is really addicting!

Grace said...

nothing wrong with watching a little grey's, and nothing wrong with scarfing down a bowlful of random candies thrown together and mixed with peanut butter. delightful!

Kerstin said...

Love it - so fun and it looks very tasty!
I'm procrastinating right now too :)

Mermaid Sweets said...

Wow, this looks amazingly good!